Game of the Day: SteerWheels 3

steerwheels 3 game of the day
SteerWheels 3 is an action-packed, puzzle-oriented, physics game. You'll have to use your wheels to move the yellow ball to the yellow finish line.

Though it sounds simple, with all the hazards and obstacles SteerWheels 3 can be very tricky at higher levels. Trap doors, teleporters, loops, and jumps populate the challenging levels. You'll need to think carefully, delicately move your SteerWheels, and precisely control the yellow ball to move it to the finish. I think you folks are up for the challenge, give it your best shot!

Click here to play SteerWheels 3!
steerwheels 3 game of the daysteerwheels 3 game of the day
What level were you able to get to in SteerWheels 3?
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