Pioneer Trail Rejuvenation Plant: Save your crops from withering for life

While we've had plenty of options for un-withering our Pioneer Trail crops in the past, if you'd rather not worry about keeping a stock of Unwither Crop Boosts on hand, or simply want to purchase something that looks awesome while doing the same thing, you can now purchase a Rejuvenation Plant from the game's market.

Are you familiar with the Unwither Ring in FarmVille? That ring allows you to keep your crops from withering... ever. Guess what? This Rejuvenation Plant does the same thing. Any crops you plant on your Homestead, regardless of harvest time or how long you leave them unattended, will never wither. This also applies to crops planted inside your Greenhouse, if you happen to have completed one on your Homestead.

However, just like the Unwither Ring in FarmVille, this Rejuvenation Plant comes with a fairly steep price tag: 179 Horseshoes. If you purchase Horseshoes at full price, you're looking at a cost of around $22 US. Of course, with the many sales and bonus offers we see in Pioneer Trail on practically a daily basis, you can get away with purchasing this item for much less (in terms of its real world equivalent).

Still, whether or not you'll actually put the plant to good use will be determined by how active you are in playing the game. If you know you'll always be around to harvest your plants, or have a large supply of Unwither Crop Boosts on hand, you may not need to purchase this one. Luckily, there doesn't appear to be a time limit for when this tree will leave the store, so you have plenty of time to make up your mind.

Will you purchase the Rejuvenation Plant for your Homestead in Pioneer Trail, or would you never get any "use" out of such an item? Sound off in the comments.