Pioneer Trail Get Ready for Holiday Hollow: Everything you need to know

While there are still a few days separating us from a trip to Holiday Hollow in Pioneer Trail, that doesn't mean you can't get into the Christmas spirit now, as the "Get Ready for Holiday Hollow" gift exchange event has launched, giving you goals to complete and presents to receive while we wait for Holiday Hollow itself to launch.

First things first, you'll have a new goal to complete once this feature rolls around to your game (you'll need to be Level 15 or above to access it).

The Baker's Delight

  • Tend 20 Adult Sheep

  • Craft Holiday Bakers Outfit

  • Watch Holiday Hollow Video

The Holiday Bakers Outfit is crafted using one Holiday Apron and 12 Holiday Mitts. The Holiday Apron itself is crafted using 10 Fine Wool Thread (gathered by tending sheep) and eight Holiday Cloths. These cloths are earned by asking your friends to send them to you. Once you've made the Apron, you'll need to collect the 12 Holiday Mitts from friends to create the ultimate Holiday Bakers Outfit.

With this done, you'll receive one Large Red Present, 300 XP and 300 coins. When you open this present, you'll receive the Holiday Hollow sign, which works as a building in that you can collect a Daily Bonus from it once every 24 hours. This gives you Candy Canes, which are like the Charms of Ghost Town in that you'll need to collect more and more of them to earn better prizes once Holiday Hollow proper launches.

Now that we've been introduced to Nettie the Baker from Holiday Hollow, we'll meet Murt the Chimney Sweep.

Capturing the Town

  • Clear 10 Rocks on your Homestead of a Neighbors'

  • Harvest 20 Sugar Plums

  • Craft Snow Globe

The Snow Globe is crafted using two Glass Globes and 20 Ceramic Miniatures. The Glass Globes are created using two Pure Grain Sand (earned by clearing rocks) and eight Glass Cutters, which are earned by asking friends. The Ceramic Miniatures are also earned by asking your friends to send them to you. Meanwhile, Sugar Plums are a crop that take four hours to harvest. For finishing this goal, you'll receive a Large Blue Present, 400 XP and 400 coins.

This Large Blue Present contains a Holiday Mantle which will also give you Candy Canes as a daily bonus when you collect them. Finally, you'll be challenged with a third themed goal.

A Nutty Surprise

  • Chop Pine Trees 30 Times

  • Harvest 20 Peppermint Trees

  • Craft Nutcracker

The Nutcracker is crafted using two Wooden Soldiers and 30 Strong Hinges. The Wooden Soldiers are another crafting project, created using eight Fine Pine and 10 Whittling Knives each. The Knives and Strong Hinges are earned by simply asking your friends to send them to you, while the Fine Pine are earned by chopping down Large or XL Pine Trees on your Homestead.

For finishing this third and final goal in the "Get Ready for Holiday Hollow" series, you'll receive a Large Green Present and 500 XP. You'll also unlock the ability to purchase and plant Jumbo Canes (jumbo Candy Canes) as a crop in the store. With both this crop and the Sugar Plum crop above, there will of course be new collections to complete, each of which offers you Candy Canes as a reward.

Once Holiday Hollow itself launches, and we're able to travel to this Christmas-themed village, we'll make sure to let you know what to expect once you too arrive, along with what all of those hard-earned Candy Canes will get you. Keep checking back with us!

Are you excited to complete this Holiday Hollow preparation feature? Are you looking forward to traveling to Holiday Hollow, or did you not enjoy the similar Ghost Town feature either? Sound off in the comments.