FarmVille Winter Animal Pen: Everything you need to know

As part of the fourth farm in FarmVille - Winter Wonderland - you can now build a new kind of animal storage building, the Winter Animal Pen. You'll receive the base to a Winter Animal Pen for free when arriving in Winter Wonderland, but it will only contain 10 of the 30 building materials necessary to actually use it; gathering the other 20 items is up to you.

At its basic state, each Winter Animal Pen requires 10 each of Ice Posts, Conifer Dust and Candy Cane Beams. You can gather these items either by paying 1 Farm Cash each or by asking your friends to send them to you via individual gift requests. Also make sure to look out for extra items posted by your friends on their walls.

Once the Winter Animal Pen is finished, you'll receive a free Penguin and will be able to use the Pen itself to store winter-themed animals, like the Polar Hare and Winter Fox you've received for free when first landing on this new farm. It should be noted that this building seems to be pretty picky about which animals can be stored inside. While many of those released in the Winter Wonderland market can be stored inside, animals like the Telemark Cow can't be. Also, if you've held on to any Penguins from the Penguin Escapade feature, or have any Winter-themed animals from the Christmas Plush Ornament promotion, those can't be stored inside either.

Once you finish your Winter Animal Pen, you'll be able to harvest it for a chance at receiving Mystery Babies (like animals based on those you've already stored inside it), and can immediately start the upgrading process. Similar to other storage buildings, the first upgrade requires 15 each of the Ice Posts, Conifer Dust and Candy Cane Beams.

If you'd like to purchase additional Winter Animal Pens (you can only build one at a time), you can purchase frames for 250 coins, or fully built Winter Animal Pens from the store for 30 Farm Cash. If and when other animals are allowed to be stored in these buildings, we'll make sure to let you know.

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What do you think of this Winter Animal Pen? Will you store your new Winter Wonderland animals to save space, or do you want to keep them out on display for the Christmas season? Sound off in the comments.