MakaziVille: The Duggars' bizarre, possibly racist take on mission work

MakaziVille To the Market
MakaziVille To the Market

Finally, we can carry out our missionary work from the comfort of our sweatpants and cushy couches. The Duggar family--you know, the one on TLC's 19 Kids and Counting?--have launched a social game with The Seed Company, founded by Wycliffe Bible Translators. It's called MakaziVille, and it's designed to help translate the Bible into new languages for the ... uninitiated.

According to a video narrated by The Duggars' own Josiah Duggar, the game will task players with building an African village. Well, that and delivering the good news of God to its people. (Or, depending on how you look at it, indoctrinating them with Western beliefs.) The trailer for the game even ends with an animated African man sporting a terribly overemphasized accent.

MakaziVille will feature mini games that look to be nods to classic arcade games but with a decidedly ethnic twist. One game in particular, "To The Market," (pictured) has players send what looks like an African man or woman into oncoming traffic Frogger-style for baskets of fruit. Amidst the racially-charged gameplay, players will be able to do "Devotions", which look like praises to the Bible's word(?).

Most importantly--to the Duggars, at least--your work in the game will somehow help translate the Bible to "see how God's word can change a village," according to Josiah Duggar. Christian games are nothing new to the web or even Facebook, but MakaziVille certainly sets a precedent. Well, more like a forewarning.

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