CityVille Garage and Cars : Everything you need to know

A few days ago, we learned that Cars would finally make an appearance on the roads of CityVille, but that we'd need to do something to unlock the right to have those vehicles on our streets. Now, we know the full details of the event, as a new Garage building has launched in the game for users level 27 and above.

First things first, you'll need to build this Garage to ever have a chance of spawning cars in your town. The Garage requires building materials to complete:

  • 10 Engine Hoists

  • 10 Car Lifts

  • 10 Emissions Tests

  • 10 Tool Cabinets

  • 10 Tire Stacks

These items are of course earned by asking your friends for help. For the Engine Hoists and Emissions Tests, you'll need to send out individual requests to your friends for help, while the other three items are earned via general news items posted to your wall.

Once your Garage is built, you'll be able to see cars driving around, so long as you have businesses and homes connected to roads and that you constantly supply them (or collect your rent, in the case of homes). Businesses appear to spawn more cars than residences, but if you do happen to have either connected to a sidewalk, rather than an actual piece of road, you don't need to worry about missing out, as the cars will simply appear on the nearest section of road.

These cars will sometimes have coins floating above them. Clicking on the car gives you the coins, but doesn't spend any energy to do so, making those coins truly free. The amount of coins you'll receive per car varies depending on the number of buildings attached to that same section of road (including Community Buildings) and on the type of car. The cars that you receive for completing the goals associated with the Garage will be some of those that will appear as you play the game in the future.

There isn't a time limit for when you need to start working on / complete your garage, so feel free to skip this feature for a while if you'd prefer your roads to stay clear.

Will you build a Garage in your town in CityVille? What do you think of this "free coins from cars" feature? Sound off in the comments.