CityVille Garage / Cars Goals: Everything you need to know


To go along with the new Garage feature in CityVille, that allows you to trigger cars on your roads (and to receive free coins when collecting from those cars), there is also a new goal series that will help to introduce you to this new feature, along with stocking your car supply with additional variety. There are just three goals in this entire series, but one involves placing and building and entirely new Community Building, so don't think they're easy. Here's a guide to making your way through.

Start Your Engines

  • Place and Complete the Garage

  • Supply 30 Businesses

  • Collect 15 Car Payouts

For a complete look at how to build your Garage, and collect your free coins from cars afterwards, check out our guide. For finishing this goal, you'll receive 5 Family SUVs. These are simply a type of car that will now begin spawning on your roads when you collect from Businesses.

Artistic License

  • Ask for 10 Driver's Manuals

  • Collect 5 Car Jacks

  • Collect 15 Times from a Gas Station

The Gas Station costs 3,000 coins to build, takes up a 3x3 land space, and requires 75 Goods to operate. You'll receive 375 coins from the Gas Station each time you collect, by default. Your reward for this goal is the DMV, a new Community Building that you'll need to build for our next goal in the series...

Green Light

  • Place and Complete DMV

  • Place 15 Road Tiles

  • Place 1 New Expansion

The DMV requires seven energy to build, and then asks you to add eight friends as staff members to complete its construction. After the DMV is complete, it will raise your town's maximum population by 500 citizens. As for the land expansion, you'll need to go through the basic process of adding citizens to your town and collecting Zoning Permits, but after you place it (and then fill it with those 15 new road tiles), you'll finish this goal and can delete all of the excess road pieces now cluttering your land. Your town will receive 3 Parking Enforcement Vehicles for finishing this final goal in the Garage / Car series.

We'll make sure to let you know as more / different kinds of cars are added to the variety in CityVille, or if / when those vehicles receive any additional purpose other than earning you free coins.

In the meantime, let us know what you think of these Garage / Car goals. What do you think of the overall Car feature in CityVille? Is it everything you had hoped for, or are you left wanting more? Sound off in the comments.