Adventure World Jungle Approach Expedition: Everything you need to know

Indiana Jones has finally made his way into Adventure World, triggering not only a change to the game's name - Indiana Jones Adventure World - but also the launch of the Calendar of the Sun quest / expedition series, that sees Indy himself asking for your help in completing a series of five new Expeditions. The first, Jungle Approach, is the only one available to start, as you'll need to complete each Expedition in order before unlocking the next. For Jungle Approach, you'll need to have just 50 Supplies, along with a single Food, Fuel and Water, and will then be given four days to complete everything within. Here's a guide to doing just that.

Adventure With Indy

  • Use 3 Statue Trap Disarms

  • Use 2 Spear Trap Disarms

  • Clear 4 Snakes for Indy

  • Investigate the Standing Stone

These Calendar of the Sun Expeditions have completely new maps, but their basic setups are similar to what you've encountered before. There are the usual levers to pull to disarm traps, and there are snakes and pieces of debris blocking your path to the Standing Stone at the end. Taking a page from Indiana Jones lore, the adventurer doesn't like snakes so you'll need to clear some out as you go along. The Standing Stone is covered in vines and flowers at the very end of the trail.

Why'd It Have to Be Snakes?

  • Open the Society Supply Crate

  • Ask for 8 Rubber Stoppers

  • Apply Rubber Stoppers to 8 Snake Burrows

As we said above, Indy hates snakes, so you'll need to ask your friends for stoppers (using a general news post) to plug the holes. As for the Supply Crate, this is found directly over the first bridge in the area, but by this point, Indy will be leading you along and there's no way you'll be able to miss it.

Out of Time

  • Recover the Extinct Flower

  • Recover the Extinct Fern

  • Recover the Extinct Shrub

This map contains some very interesting wildlife, as it contains three types of plants that were originally thought to be extinct. You'll need to gather these specimens and take them back to Base Camp with you. Remember, if you can't find one just by looking at the map, head into the quest window and click on the "Show Me" button for a particular plant.

All told, this first Expedition in the Calendar of the Sun series is incredibly easy, as Indy will perform many actions for you, granting you extra energy in the process. If you didn't have to ask your friends for the Rubber Stoppers, you could easily finish this entire Expedition in a single sitting, but as it stands, will likely be stuck waiting for your friends' help. Once you finish this Expedition, you'll unlock the second in this series, and we'll make sure to bring you a complete guide to finishing that Expedition as soon as we can.

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What do you think of this Calendar of the Sun series in Adventure World? Are you looking forward to seeing what other Expeditions and adventures Indy has brought to the game, or are you still trying to catch up with previously released quests? Sound off in the comments.