Zynga plans to play nice with indie game makers through Project Z


Forget getting our own nifty zTags, because Zynga's mysterious Project Z just got way more exciting. During an interview with CIOL, Zynga CTO Cadir Lee revealed a sweet little morsel of a detail about the upcoming project that could be huge. "To start with, we will allow only Zynga games on our sites and in future we are planning to allow others to host games, developed by individual developers," Lee said to CIOL, referring to Project Z (or Zynga Direct).

Project Z, a semi-independent social games network that will provide players with "zTags" used to connect more easily, was revealed by Zynga CEO Mark Pincus last month at Zynga Unleashed. Lee went on to say that this move is not an attempt at distancing itself with Facebook, and "Facebook will be heavily integrated into Zynga." We imagine he's referring to Project Z there, as the company is already at that point with all of its existing games.

For Zynga to host independent game makers' social games on its own website would be a boon to any interested developer. While we're unsure of the traffic Zynga's website garners (one website puts it at over 11 million monthly unique visitors), for an indie game maker's name to be attached to the biggest social game creator of them all would be quite the recommendation. At the very least, this will bring some much-needed gameplay variety to Zynga's lineup.

Are you excited to see new game creators to be featured on Zynga's Project Z? What new types of social games are you waiting to be brought into the fold through Zynga? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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