Make the ultimate The Sims Social party house for Facebook fame and...

The Sims Social huge pink home
The Sims Social huge pink home

Well, just fame, really. (No fortune to see here, sorry, folks.) The Playfish team's first ever Spotlight on Design contest in The Sims Social is about to end on Nov. 30, so you have only two days left to create the ultimate party house in-game. The biweekly contest began on Nov. 16, and the winner will have their prized home featured on The Sims Social fan page for all to see.

All players need to do is remodel their home under the loose guidance of the contest theme, submit a picture of their work on the Playfish forums here and wait for the Playfish team to decide which pad is the coolest. Of course, any evidence of a screen being doctored by Photoshop or another image editor will disqualify you.

In that case, and judging from homes like the one above, this will be a tough challenge for players that refuse to spend money or are of a lower level. At any rate, it looks like a fun way to get those creative juices flowing after nearly a week away from much critical thought. So, throw the hat in for a chance at Facebook fame through The Sims Social. (Though, some Facebook fortune would be nice too, guys.)

[Image Credit: Elusive Lunar]

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