The Sims FreePlay on iOS takes cues from The Sims Social next month

The Sims FreePlay
The Sims FreePlay

Are you ready to live two lives with no escape? Then step right into The Sims FreePlay. EA's brand new Sims game for iPhone and iPad will live up to its title, taking a cue from the largely successful The Sims Social for Facebook. However, this game will operate differently than both traditional Sims games and its social counterpart in that it will operate on a 24-hour cycle.

According to PocketGamer, this will entice players to check out what their Sims are up to throughout the day, rather than play for extended sessions. Well, if you ask the 6 million daily The Sims Social players, that sounds more like the Facebook game than we thought. Of course, the game will be supported by microtransactions for things like furniture and in-game speed boosts. (This little factoid leads us to believe your progress in the game is limited somehow.)

But here's where the differences begin: Players will be able to manage up to 16 Sims at a time. Better yet, you'll also get to customize your Sims' town with shops and parks--neither of which you can do in The Sims Social. Based on early screens, this version of The Sims looks more like its traditional counterparts than what's on Facebook. In other words, it looks a helluva lot better. The Sims FreePlay hits iPhone and iPad next month, and we'll be all over it like Sims on Simoleons.

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