McDonald's and Google Maps take us on a crazy quest for the McRib

The Quest for the Golden McRib logo
The Quest for the Golden McRib logo

The McRib, a McDonald's BBQ pork sandwich with an on-again, off-again relationship with the public, took a brief hiatus from playing hard to get when it reappeared last month with a Facebook game, "The Quest for the Golden McRib".

As a result, I've spent today being bombarded by a steampunk-ish aesthetic, delightful Photoshopped monstrosities, and left field trivia. More specifically to the second are Viking accountants, a ninja ballerina, sky pirates with BBQ chips for wings, and time-traveling muscle-bound (literal) pansies. As to the last, a good example is being asked whether polar bears are right-handed or left-handed.

If you managed to grasp any of that, and you worship the golden arches of fast food, then maybe you should give this game a go. Everyone else is probably asking themselves, what were they thinking? But therein lies the charm.


You only need to find ten Golden McRibs hidden in ten McDonald's around the world. By feeding the game your address, Google Maps shows you every real world McDonald's with your area. You hunt for the McRibs through playing short and simple web games that are basically point-and-clicks, and by answering questions not necessarily related to McDonald's. If you find all ten, the game sticks you on a public leaderboard, "The Champions of Delicious".

You're not getting any other special treatment for playing this game. There's no free sandwiches to win or points to score. It's a game as finite as the McRib itself, since they're both disappearing on November 30th. So check this out if you haven't had your daily dose of the absurd. Just bring your own fries and soda.

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[Hat-tip: Face-Gamers]

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