FarmVille: Go on a shopping spree in the new Winter Wonderland market


With the launch of Winter Wonderland in FarmVille, we see Zynga offering players plenty of new goodies to purchase in the store, ranging from trees and animals to buildings or even farm vehicles. There are enough items in this initial release to fill your new farm, so here's a complete look at everything you can now purchase.


Frozen Spruce - 5,000 coins
Winter Spruce - 15 Farm Cash
Polar Tree - 7 Farm Cash
Ice Crystal Tree - 15 Farm Cash

You'll receive one of each of the Spruce trees for free when first arriving in Winter Wonderland, so don't worry about needing to purchase anymore. If you'd like to quickly master the Winter Spruce, however, remember that you can receive those for free from Mystery Seedlings in your new Winter Wonderland Orchard (which you'll also be given for free, and will simply need to add building materials to).


Snow Chicken - 200,000 coins
Telemark Cow - 150,000 coins
Greater Scaup Duck - 100,000 coins
Dole Horse - 26 Farm Cash
White Husky - 18 Farm Cash
Magellanic Penguin - 14 Farm Cash
Polar Hare - 10 Farm Cash
Arctic Seal - 14 Farm Cash
White Wolverine - 180,000 coins
Woolly Mammoth - 25 Farm Cash
Arctic Owl - 200,000 coins

A few notes here: you'll receive a Polar Hare for free when arriving in Winter Wonderland, and if you choose to purchase a ticket into Winter Wonderland (rather than waiting for a free way in), you'll receive a free Holiday Mammoth as a prize. This is a different animal than the Woolly Mammoth, so you'll need to purchase both if you are a mastery sign collector.


Chicken Coop - 5,000 coins
General Store - 300,000 coins
Sweet Shoppe - 100,000 coins
Holiday Log Cabin - 300,000 coins
Garage (Frame) - 50,000 coins
Garage (Fully Built) - 50 Farm Cash
Orchard (Frame) - 1,000 coins
Orchard (Fully Built) - 30 Farm Cash
Holiday Barn - 30 Farm Cash
Winter Shed - 50,000 coins
Elf House - 20 Farm Cash
Ski Resort - 30 Farm Cash
Snowy Mansion - 50 Farm Cash
Train Water Tower - 18 Farm Cash

In addition to these buildings, you can also purchase another Winter Storage Igloo or base to a Winter Animal Pen, if you happen to delete the two that were given to you upon arrival in Winter Wonderland.


Frozen Fountain - 150,000 coins
Holiday Lamppost - 1 Farm Cash
Conductor Gnome - 15 Farm Cash
Iceblock Gate - 50,000 coins
Snowflake Gate - 2 Farm Cash
Candy Cane Fence - 1,000 coins
Snow Carnation Pot - 1,000 coins
Winter Mailbox - 2,000 coins
Ice Tulip Bed - 5,000 coins
Iceblock Fence - 5,000 coins
Ice Rose Bed - 10,000 coins
Snowflake Fence - 10,000 coins
Snow Stack - 15,000 coins
Ice Bench - 30,000 coins
Frozen Pond - 300,000 coins
Sleigh - 20 Farm Cash

While many of these items might look rather boring, just keep in mind that by completing the Winter Wonderland goals that will be regular staples of the game for quite some time into the future, you'll receive plenty of "better," or at least more exciting prizes for your new farm.

Farm Aides

Broken Combine - 500,000 coins
Icy Combine - 110 Farm Cash
Icy Harvester - 40,000 coins
Icy Seeder - 40,000 coins
Icy Tractor - 10,000 coins

Not to be confused with other farm vehicles, all of these are themed with snow accents, including the Broken Combine. You'll just need to collect Vehicle Parts to upgrade how many plots each can tend in a single click, as normal.

With all of these items, we've yet to talk about the many new crops you can grow on your equally new Winter Wonderland farm. We'll make sure to bring you a complete look at the new crops you can grow and master just as soon as we can.

What do you think of the many items available in the Winter Wonderland store? Which ones will you purchase for your farm? Sound off in the comments.