FarmVille Winter Wonderland Snow Treasures: Everything you need to know

Now that Winter Wonderland is now available for paying players in FarmVille, we can finally dig into an exciting new feature called "Snow Treasures." Upon arriving in Winter Wonderland, you'll see that your farm currently contains five treasures: two Small Snow Treasures, two Medium Snow Treasures and one Large Snow Treasure.

These Snow Treasures contained themed items, with the smaller Treasures traditional being items that would be less desirable, while larger Treasures would contain more valuable or at least rare items. You'll need to ask your friends for help in retrieving the prizes from these ice blocks, by either gathering Hair Dryers for the Small and Medium Snow Treasures, or Pickaxes for the Large and Extra Large Snow Treasures (you can see one such Extra Large Snow Treasure outside your farm's starter boundaries).

Earning these items is fairly simple, in that you'll just need to send out requests to your friends for them to send some your way. The larger the Snow Treasure, the more of each item you'll need to gather. Here's the rundown:

Small Snow Treasures: 15 Hair Dryers
Medium Snow Treasures: 25 Hair Dryers
Large Snow Treasures: 45 Pickaxes

As of this writing, it doesn't look like these items can be gathered from Special Delivery Boxes, but we'll make sure to let you know if these items start showing up within them later. Either way, what can you find inside these Snow Treasures? Prizes like Holiday Trees, Wooley Mammoths or other animals are up for grabs so far, and it does look like these prizes will be random for different farmers, from a basic selection of possibilities. Hopefully, we'll receive more and more Snow Treasures as time goes on, but if not, just try your best to open this first assortment of Snow Treasures and then let us know which items you've received!

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Well, have you started opening your Snow Treasures? If you've managed to receive a present, which item did you find inside? Sound off in the comments.