FarmVille: Take a trip to Winter Wonderland today for 55 Farm Cash

We've been speculating for the past few weeks as to when exactly Winter Wonderland would launch in FarmVille, but the wait is finally over. Early access passes have started rolling out to users, allowing you to purchase your way into Winter Wonderland early for the price of 55 Farm Cash. With today also happening to be Cyber Monday, that means you'll be able to purchase those 55 Farm Cash for 40% off, but only if you act before the end of the day!

You'll see your train ticket invite via a pop up, and with a single click can access this fourth farm, complete with a set of new goals and exclusive prizes, only available to those users that pay to get in early. Free trips will be made available soon (likely next week), but if you don't want to wait that long, you can now get a head-start on building your Winter Wonderland train station, growing new crops, and raising new animals before anyone else.

If you decide to pay for a ticket, you'll be greeted by a Snowman Conductor, who introduces you to Winter Wonderland and the North Pole. First things first, this farm is incredibly similar to Lighthouse Cove, in that you'll have a Polar Train Station to upgrade (just as you had to repair the Lighthouse Cove itself), and you'll also be limited to how many crops you can grow at a time. A starting Winter Wonderland farm can hold 100 plots, and you'll then be able to increase that number by purchasing land expansions for your farm. As of this writing, there are 10 expansions available to purchase, but all of them cost increasing amounts of Farm Cash.

Your Winter Wonderland farm will also start with a few animals and other goodies. You'll receive a Winter Fox, Polar Hare and Reindeer, along with a partially completed Orchard, and partially completed Winter Animal Pen. You'll also receive a few Snow Treasures - presents that are trapped in snow - and we'll bring you a complete guide on how to receive those presents just as soon as we canhere's a guide to learn how to get inside those presents! In the meantime, if you're willing to pay some Farm Cash for a fourth farm, make sure to login to your farm today and take a trip to Winter Wonderland!

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Have you already purchased your ticket to Winter Wonderland in FarmVille? What do you think of this Winter/Christmas-themed farm? Sound off in the comments.