FarmVille Winter Holiday Items: Stocking Tree, Snowflake Cow and more

As we look forward into December in FarmVille, it's easy to become overwhelmed with thoughts of Winter Wonderland, the game's fourth farm that will be releasing any day. However, while we may all be excited about the possibilities of this new farm (at least, I know I'm pretty excited), let's not forget about the items that continue to be released in the game's store. As a matter of fact, a large set of items has been released this evening, containing trees, animals and more. Let's take a look at what's been released this weekend.


Sugar Plum Tree - 5 Farm Cash
Mint Candy Tree - 30 Farm Cash
Stocking Tree - 6 Farm Cash
Giant Stocking Tree - 10 Farm Cash
Pink Holiday Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Purple Holiday Tree - 14 Farm Cash

With tonight's update, we see two sets of new trees, along with a set of trees that are re-releases from last year's Winter Holiday theme. The Mint Candy Tree's outlandish price isn't anything to get upset over though, farmers, as these trees can be found by growing Mystery Seedlings, and since they've already been available for a year's time, I'd take a guess that there are only a few farmers without them already growing on their farms anyway. As for the other two sets, the Purple Holiday Tree is the level 2 tree to the Pink Holiday Tree, so don't bother purchasing it or the Giant Stocking Tree either (at least, not if you actively grow Mystery Seedlings on your farms).


Holiday Sweater Duck - 15 Farm Cash
Holiday Lights Goat - 14 Farm Cash
Snowflake Ram - 16 Farm Cash
Snowflake Cow - 20 Farm Cash
Holiday Sweater Llama - 10 Farm Cash
Palomino Quarter Horse - 3 million coins
Icy Blue Unicorn - 30 Farm Cash
Giant Icy Blue Unicorn - 30 Farm Cash

There's a little something for everyone here, so long as you're willing to spend Farm Cash. The Snowflake Ram adds the snowflake pattern to the game's sheep breeding feature, while the Icy Blue Unicorns are perfect for Horse collectors (while perhaps being not so great for the wallet).


New Gingerbread House - 20 Farm Cash

Not to be confused with the two previously released Gingerbread Houses in FarmVille, this "New Gingerbread House" is exactly that - new and a bit less over-the-top than its predecessors.


Holiday Lake - 16 Farm Cash
Tinsel Bush - 30,000 coins
Holiday Gnome - 12 Farm Cash

For all of the animals released in this set, there aren't very many decorations. Still, the Holiday Gnome serves as a great addition to gnome collections, and at least the Tinsel Bush is a cheap addition to any Christmas-themed areas you may have on your farms.

All of these items will be available in the game for the next two weeks. If you're looking for a Snowflake Boar to match the Snowflake Ram above, why not check out this week's Mystery Game, which also contains a set of Winter Holiday animals? Happy farming!

What do you think of this release of Winter Holiday items? Will you purchase all of the trees or animals in this set, or are you a building or gnome collector instead? Sound off in the comments.
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