FarmVille Polar Train Station: Everything you need to know

Similar to the Lighthouse Cove in FarmVille's third farm, the new fourth farm, Winter Wonderland, comes with a Polar Train Station that must be upgraded, and can then be collected from once per day. However, unlike the Lighthouse Cove, which gives you bushels when harvested, this Polar Train Station will receive deliveries, with better prizes being available with more upgraded Stations.

To start, your Polar Train Station will be "Level 0", and it will come "ready" to harvest. By doing so, you'll have a chance to score items like an Arctic Rabbit in your train's delivery, and can then begin the process of upgrading it. There are nine stages of upgrades for your entire Polar Train Station, with each stage requiring more and more Rail Spikes, Rail Ties and Lumps of Coal. For instance, your first upgrade requires three of each item, and you can either pay a single Farm Cash per part to upgrade it manually, or send out requests to your friends to send you the ingredients you need. Also be on the lookout for bonus materials being shared by your friends on their walls.

As you upgrade, you'll be able to receive better and better gifts via your daily deliveries. At Level 9, for instance, you'll have a chance for an Elf Penguin, while at Level 5, you can start receiving parts for a Snowy Train Track. There look to be multiple prizes available for each level of the Polar Train Station, so don't worry about just receiving a single item.

We'll update this space as we learn more about the particular requirements for each level of the Polar Station Upgrade, so keep checking back with us!

Level 1: 3 each
Level 2: 5 each
Level 3: 10 each
Level 4: 15 each
Level 5: 20 each
Level 6: 25 each
Level 7: 30 each
Level 8: 40 each
Level 9: 50 each

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Are you excited about this Polar Train Station system in FarmVille? Have you already started upgrading your Train Station, or are you waiting for a free ticket to Winter Wonderland before you will begin? What sorts of prizes are you hoping your train delivers? Sound off in the comments.