FarmVille Pic of the Day: Christmas takes to the sky on Brayzdin's farm

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Happy holidays, players! Brayzdin has done it again with another fantastically, fantastical FarmVille farm. He didn't just build a Christmas tree; he built a ginormous tree made out of trees, and even uses trees for the trimming. The tree's body is home to a large variety of FarmVille trees, but the trimming is clearly formed by rows of the inexpensive Plum Trees, while Silver Bell Trees (a red, white, and blue 2011 Winter Holiday premium) masquerade as tree ornaments. Rockerfeller, eat your heart out.

But Brayzdin also likes depth in his farm designs, and this one uses a few tricks to make the center of the farm resemble a deep ravine. To the right is a cliff with rocky sides built out of fences, just like one from last week. Another cliff is built on the left, but this one is topped with the clever use of Modern Benches to mimic floating railroad tracks. (Brayzdin used this trick before, in his Castle in the Sky farm.) Riding on the red floating track is the Wild West train set, while beneath it, another optical trick makes it look like the Evergreen Train is chugging below.

Finally, in the spacious 'sky' above, Brayzdin populated the farm with hot air balloons from the Haiti "School of Choice" charity, FarmVille's First Birthday, and 1 Million Fans Anniversary Weekend. There's also the AVG Biplane, Balloon Gnome, Duke's Airship (from the English Countryside event), and a Gold Sleigh that looks like Santa's cause Brayzdin set a group of Reindeer in front of it.

What's your favorite winter holiday FarmVille farm?
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