FarmVille Mystery Game (11/27/11): Winter Holiday animals up for grabs

Now that FarmVille has moved almost entirely into the Winter Holiday / Christmas season, it's only fitting that we see this week's Mystery Game follow suit. This week's game contains a variety of Winter Holiday animals (and even a decoration), and costs 20 Farm Cash for a single dart to play. If you've been active this weekend, you've likely received a free dart as a bonus from Zynga, so feel free to toss that dart at the board for an equally free prize. Here's what you'll have a chance to win this week:

Icy Blue Pegacorn
Reindeer Cat
Reindeer Duck
Snowflake Horse
Snowflake Boar
Tinsel Pony

As a note, the Snowflake Boar does look to add the snowflake pattern to the pig breeding feature within the game.

If you can manage to win all six of these items (keep in mind you'll likely end up with duplicates along the way, making this a more costly endeavor), you'll receive a bonus prize at the end: a Holiday Wreath Fountain. This prize looks to only be available by completing this week's Mystery Game, so if you're at all interested in it, I hope you have enough Farm Cash on hand to afford it. Keep in mind that this week marks a sale on Farm Cash at both Target and in-game purchases, so use those to your advantage if you're running low (or if this week's game depletes your current stash). Good luck if you're going for them all!

Will you try to win all six items in this week's Mystery Game? Which prize(s) did you win from this week's game? Share your experiences with us in the comments!