CastleVille Fairy Collection brings on the magic, costs lots of Crowns

CastleVille Fairy Collection
CastleVille Fairy Collection

Now that CastleVille has grown faster than any Zynga game to date, it's time to keep those players occupied with some fresh content. Well, more like new things to buy, but who's counting? The Fairy Collection has arrived in CastleVille, which adds a certain level of magic, wonder and all that good stuff to the game. But for quite the hefty price: Unfortunately, the majority of these items cost Crowns to acquire. And by "majority" we also mean all the cool stuff.


  • Shimmer Fairy Dress: 15 Crowns

  • Shimmer Fairy Wings: 15 Crowns

  • Sprite Knight Pants: 12 Crowns

  • Sprite Knight Wings: 13 Crowns

CastleVille Fairy Items 1
CastleVille Fairy Items 1


  • Dragon's Wart: 250 Coins

  • Fairy Hideaway: 35 Crowns

  • Fairy Pool: 30 Crowns

  • Faun's Harp: 10,000 Coins

  • Pixie Den: 35 Crowns

  • Pixie Spring: 12,000 Coins

  • Shroom Shrub: 500 Coins

  • Swirlygig Truffles: 8 Hearts

  • Titania's Well: 16 Crowns

CastleVille Fairy Items 2
CastleVille Fairy Items 2


  • Emerald Pony: 50 Crowns

  • Rose Pony: 50 Crowns

As you can see, even the items that cost coins are in the tens of thousands ... aside from the mushrooms. We certainly hope Zynga is merely testing the waters with these prices, because something tells us those lines are gonna be clean. You can find all of these new items in the "Specials" section of the in-game market.

[Image Credit: Zynga]

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