FarmVille PSA: Zynga Game Cards on sale this week at Target

With the holiday shopping season officially in full swing in both the real world and in your favorite Facebook games, it only makes sense that we start to see sales combining the two. In this case, we see department store Target offering 20% off the $15 Zynga Game Card in stores (as of this writing, this deal is not available online).

These Zynga Game Cards (obviously) cost $15 US each, but as they are in this week's Target ad, you can now snag one for 20% off - or $12. If you're in a location where these cards aren't taxed, you'll walk away with $15 in premium currency for $3 off, but can also save even more (another 5%) if you happen to be a shopper that has a Target Debit or Credit Card. While you can use this Game Card to earn premium currency in other Zynga games, we'll use FarmVille as an example.

If you choose to redeem your card within FarmVille, you'll receive 85 Farm Cash, along with a Mystery Dart that can be saved in your Gift Box until you'd like to use it. With Christmas now right around the corner, it's likely that every Mystery Game released between now and then will contain either holiday or winter themed animals, so keep that in mind when you go to use this free dart.

If this deal at all interests you, make sure to head into your local Target and pick up a card sometime this week, before the deal ends. (As a friendly note, if you can't find the specific cards worth $15 back in the video game department, try up at the register).

Will you purchase a Zynga Game Card this week at Target, or do you already have enough premium currency across all Zynga games to last you through the holiday season? Sound off in the comments.

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