CityVille Sneak Peek: Cars will fill your roads soon

For all of the realism that Zynga has attempted to portray in CityVille by allowing us to see our citizens walk along the sidewalks or in and out of businesses, there's always been missing link that stops these cities from becoming "real" towns. That gap comes when simply looking at our roads. Whether you've built a complex road system, or just have a few pieces scattered here and there, there have never been any persistent cars actually driving on the roads.

Sure, we've seen police cars, moving trucks and tourist buses take to the streets, but where are the sedans, SUVs and vans carpooling kids off to school or daycare? Once you've activated your tourist buses, or the moving vans have dropped off new citizens, your streets go back to being empty. That will soon change, however, for users above Level 27, as the folks at Zynga have posted a single image on the game's official forums, letting us know that "Cars [are] coming soon!"

Since this is a level-locked feature, it's likely that we'll need to complete a series of goals, or perhaps build a new building (a license branch, perhaps?) before we'll unlock cars on our streets, but the possibilities after that are fairly endless. Will these cars be entirely passive, simply driving back and forth around the roads with no personality? Or, will we see other features take advantage of them? For instance, will police officers now be able to enter into high-speed chases with the robbers that spawn outside of businesses, rather than chasing them down on foot? Or, will this allow us to build Rental-Car Businesses, that see guest characters driving around our streets?

This is all speculation of course, but they are two options that I would personally enjoy seeing in my town. Whether it's a school bus dropping off kids around town, or just a set of family sedans driving on a loop, we'll make sure to let you know how to get cars into your game just as soon as we know more.

Are you excited to see cars take to the streets in your city, or have you been fine without them (and the potential for additional bugs that they bring to the game)? Sound off in the comments.