CityVille Get to the Chopper Timed Goal: Everything you need to know


If you're a fan of timed goals in CityVille, you'll be happy to know that a new goal has launched in the game this weekend called "Get to the Chopper!" It's apparently Samantha's birthday, and the local police force is fulfilling her birthday wish by taking her up in helicopter tour of your city. You'll have 120 hours to finish this entire goal for the Gold Trophy, which is much longer than you normally have, but we'll see why in a minute. Here's what you need to do.

Ask friends for 20 News Cameras
Expand to the News Helicopter
Collect from a Level 3 Television Tower 3 Times

Luckily, you can start this goal whenever you'd like, as there doesn't seem to be a time limit for when you need to actually start it (that is, before the goal would vanish entirely, whether you've done it or not). So long as you're above level 25, you'll be able to complete this one. The largest of these requirements - expanding to the News Helicopter - is a situation similar to that of the Halloween Monster event, when you had to expand out to get the witches. Here, the helicopter is circling around a square that is three expands left of the train tracks. That being the case, of course the farther you've already expanded west, the easier this task becomes.

As for the Level 3 Television Tower, its upgrades come through adding additional crew members to the building, rather than requiring you to collect building materials (a more time consuming process, all things considered). If you've yet to upgrade your tower, here's a look at the exact steps to doing so.

Finally, the News Cameras are acquired by simply asking your friends to help out via a general news post that you'll place on your wall. If you can complete all three steps within the first 120 hours (five days), you'll receive the Gold Trophy, the News Helicopter (obviously, since you expanded out specifically to get it) and 10,000 coins. The Silver Trophy is awarded for finishing after 120 hours but before 168 hours have passed (5-7 days), and it offers you 7,500 coins and 5 energy as well. Finally, completing this goal at any point after the first 168 hours, or seven days of starting gives you just the Bronze Trophy and 5,000 coins.

This is definitely a goal where you'll want to plan ahead as much as possible before actually starting the goal. The helicopter is already viewable in your city, even if you haven't expanded your land to the west, or even started the goal in your city. This gives you an advantage, as you know exactly where to expand to, saving you plenty of time as you can do it at your leisure. Once you start the goal, the only tasks left should be simply collecting from the Television Tower and asking your friends for News Cameras - fairly simple tasks, given your five day limit. Good luck!

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What do you think of this newest Timed Goal? Had you already expanded the left-side of your city, or will this be extra work for you now in expanding out to reach the helicopter? Sound off in the comments.