Pioneer Trail: Holiday Hollow Christmas event coming soon [Video]

It looks like Pioneer Trail might not be in such a sad state as was once feared. Even though the Beaver Valley, High Plains and Avalanche Pass portions of the actual Pioneer Trail will be closed at the beginning of the new year, that doesn't mean we'll be stuck back on our Homesteads forever. Similar to the Ghost Town event that launched in the game back during Halloween, we'll apparently be able to venture out into a land called Holiday Hollow for the Christmas / Winter season.

This comes via a new trailer posted by Zynga itself on the game's official YouTube channel. In the video, we can see a massive Christmas Tree in the center of what Zynga is calling the "frontier's most festive winter destination." This Holiday Hollow village was founded by a woman named Lady Edwina, and it has grown to include a store called Nettis Bakery that sells gingerbread men, and a toy store called Percivals Top Shop.

In terms of new items, we can see holiday versions of mice, deer and what look to be hedgehogs, along with a reindeer round-up feature. We'll be able to milk cows that give off cocoa instead of milk, and even climb a mountain in search of a yeti. The town will start out bland, white and boring (save for the Christmas Tree in the center), and we'll work (likely through goals) to bring holiday decorations and an overall Christmas spirit to the rest of the town's buildings and residents.

There's no word yet on when this Holiday Hollow feature will launch in the game, but we'll make sure to let you know when we know more. Stay tuned!

Are you excited about making a trip to Holiday Hollow to bring the Christmas spirit to Pioneer Trail? Sound off in the comments.