FarmVille Winter Wonderland Chapter 1 Goals: Everything you need to know

While Winter Wonderland still hasn't launched in FarmVille (as of this writing), we're beginning to learn more and more about what will be required of us when we finally do make the trek to the North Pole. Namely, we're seeing a set of six goals that will likely be available to those users that pay Farm Cash for early access to the farm. This "Chapter 1" series will, in theory, only be available to paying players, and therefore so will its prizes. FarmVille Freak has discovered just what we'll need to collect and do in this new farm to score all six, but you'll likely only have a week to get it done once this farm launches.

A Winter Wonderland

  • Get 6 Jingle Bells

  • Harvest 45 Gingerbread

  • Harvest 1 Polar Train Station

The Train Station is like the Lighthouse Cove on the game's third farm. It will likely be available to harvest once every day. Your rewards? 100 XP, 2,500 coins and a Borealis Tree.

Snowy Trail

  • Get 6 Egg Nogs

  • Harvest 60 Iced Rice

  • Complete 1 Orchard

This Orchard comes complete with the theme, with snow around its fencing. How cute! Your prizes for this goal are 200 XP, 2,500 coins and a Holiday Ermine (animal).

Snow Blanket Bingo

  • Get 6 Arctic Beach Balls

  • Make 2 Ginger S'mores

  • Harvest 1 Borealis Tree

The Ginger Smores will be created inside Winter Wonderland's eventual crafting building, the Sweet Shoppe (like the Pub in English Countryside or the Restaurant in Lighthouse Cove). Since the farm hasn't launched yet, however, we're not sure which kinds of bushels you'll need to use to create them (aside from perhaps Ginger). Now that Winter Wonderland has launched, we can tell you that Ginger S'mores require three Gingerbread, three Iced Rice and two Sunflower Bushels each. Finishing this goal will give you 300 XP, 2,500 coins and an Ice Geyser.

Something Blue

  • Get 6 Snow Shoes

  • Harvest 60 Candied Yams

  • Harvest 1 Holiday Ermine

The Candied Yams really do look like candy, with orange, yellow, white, green and pink stripes! Finish this goal and you'll receive just as colorful a prize: 500 XP, 2,500 coins and an Icy Horse that's bright blue!

Dances with Elves

  • Get 6 Holiday Tunes

  • Make 2 Candied Yam Pies

  • Discover one Small Snow Treasure

As we told you previously, Snow Treasures will be presents trapped in blocks of ice and snow, and for these smaller ones, you'll apparently need to collect hair dryers to thaw them out. Finishing this goal will give you 500 XP, 5,000 coins and an Ice Fishing Gnome.

Snow Day

  • Get 6 Perfect Snowflakes

  • Make 2 Candied Apples

  • Harvest 1 Polar Train Station

Finishing this final goal in the Chapter 1 series, which, again, will likely only be available for paying players grants you 500 XP, 5,000 coins and a Holiday St. Bernard.

While we're not sure if these quests will 100% only be for paying players, a similar situation has occurred with Lighthouse Cove in the past, so it's likely that these six goals will be added to the incentive list for players to pay to access the Winter Wonderland farm. We'll stay on top of things and will let you know exactly when these goals and the entire farm launch within FarmVille, which could be as early as this week! Stay tuned!

[Via FarmVille Freak]

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