FarmVille Winter Wonderland Sneak Peek: Make Smores inside the Sweet Shoppe


As we draw closer and closer to the launch of Winter Wonderland in FarmVille, we've finally learned what the new crafting building will be called in the game. Where we've had Bakeries, Pubs, and even a traditional Restaurant in other farms, we'll now have access to a Sweet Shoppe in Winter Wonderland.

This building is highly decorated, with lights, snow and candy cane swirls at every corner. There are pieces of candy sitting outside on the ground, and even a friendly gingerbread man to greet us at the door. We're told that we can craft items like Ginger Smores, which will apparently be a pretty common thing in the game's Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 goals. Here's the full word from Zynga:

"Are you ready to make Ginger Smores, Rock Candy and other yummy winter treats in Winter Wonderland's Sweet Shoppe? Get ready for a tasty adventure on FarmVille's next expansion, coming soon!"

While we've already had access to growing things like Ginger in FarmVille, when we take into account other ingredients that are required for Smores, or even Rock Candy, it allows us to speculate even more about the crops that might be available to grow. Perhaps we'll get to grow Marshmallows or Chocolate Bars for the Smores, or blooms of colored sugar for the Rock Candy! We already know a few of the expected Winter Wonderland crops, but we'll make sure to give you all of the details about the final lineup, and this new Sweet Shoppe just as soon as Winter Wonderland launches.

Are you excited about Winter Wonderland, and every thing it contains, or are you specifically excited about this Sweet Shoppe and crafting? What sorts of holiday / sweet recipes would you like to see available to craft? Let us know in the comments.