FarmVille Poll: Will you pay for early access to Winter Wonderland?


Back in September, FarmVille's third farm - the Lighthouse Cove - was launched, giving players early access to the farm for 55 Farm Cash (before free trips were made available at a later date). Now, with Winter Wonderland quickly approaching (we could see the new farm as early as next week), we're left to wonder whether or not we'll be able to pay for early access to this fourth farm as well.

It turns out that that will likely be the case, as FVNation has discovered a flash animation that will likely appear as an in-game pop-up. It advertises Winter Wonderland, telling us that we'll get a Holiday Mammoth and access to exclusive challenges and rewards - an 80 Farm Cash value - for 45 Farm Cash. A similar pop-up was found before Lighthouse Cove launched, and it also advertised a 45 Farm Cash price, that was eventually boosted by 10. We can only expect the same thing to happen here.

Therefore, that leaves us with a question for you farmers. Will you pay 45-55 Farm Cash, or around $10 US, to gain early access to Winter Wonderland in FarmVille, or will you skip out on these exclusive rewards and take a free trip some days later?

Do you have an opinion not listed in the poll above, or are you simply still trying to decide what you'll do when the time comes? Share all of your thoughts about Winter Wonderland with us in the comments!