The Sims Social Black Friday sale offers 30% off SimCash

But wait! There's more! First things first, if you've ever wanted to stock up on SimCash in Playfish's the Sims Social on Facebook, your time to do so is now! The developer has sent out newsletters to subscribers offering them a "very special offer" - 30% off SimCash packages! To put this into perspective, you're looking at 35 SimCash for $3.50 US, rather than $5, or a package as large as the ultimate 900 SimCash package, which costs $70 now, compared to $100 before the holiday.

This offer expires on November 29, giving you plenty of time even after Black Friday to stock up. If you're in the mood to spend that Cash immediately, or even some Simoleons and Social Points you happen to have saved, you can also take advantage of in-game specials, offering up to 70% off various items for your home or even your home's exterior.

Essentially, you're looking for a "Last Chance" designation on these items, along with a purple outline surrounding them. You can browse through the store's different categories and pages as usual, but when you find these "Last Chance" items, make sure to hove over them so you can see their original prices and how much you're saving. There are plenty of Simoleon items on sale, but the prices of some SimCash items have also been slashed. The Suck It Up oven hood, for instance, now costs 14 SimCash, down from its original price of 19 SimCash. Again, there's an absolute treasure trove of deals here, so make sure you browse through each individual section in the store, even if you just purchase some items for later use, rather than decorating right now.. These bargains will be around for the next four days.

Will you go on a mini shopping-spree in Sims Social, purchasing these sale priced items, or havd you already purchased everything you were interested in previously? Sound off in the comments.