Want some free Android games? Better follow Gameloft this weekend


The insane industrious lot of you are probably amidst the shopper hordes, taking great advantage of today's sales. The rest of us? Well, we're either stuck at work or taking the lazy route, as in waiting for Cyber Monday. But the Android gaming crowd doesn't even have to leave the bed today: Gameloft is giving one Android game away for free today through Monday each day for just two hours at a time.

All you need to do is follow Gameloft's Android Twitter account, @GameloftAndroid, for when the developer opens the floodgates. Of course, Gameloft won't tell when the fateful tweets will go out each day, so you'll just have to check Twitter every 30 minutes or so, which isn't that big a deal. As of this writing, the @GameloftAndroid account hasn't been updated at all, so we're guessing the only tweets coming from this account over the next few days will be those for free games.

And if you happen to already own the games that go up for grabs for the fine price of "nada", every single Android game from Gameloft will be available for $0.99 this weekend. (And yes, that includes HD versions of its games designed for tablets.) So don't be blue about missing out on Black Friday--it's crazy town out there. At least you can get some free games out of it. (Just hope one of them isn't Order & Chaos Online, kay?)

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