Facebook to host social games hack-a-thon, hopefully to inspire variety

Hack event
Hack event

Let's face it, people: Things are getting a tad stale around here. (At least when it comes to popular Facebook games.) Facebook has said it, the developers have said it and we know you readers have, too. Finally, Facebook has decided to take the problem by the reins, and has announced a social game hack event in its headquarters in Palo Alot, Calif. Facebook wanted a social smörgåsbord, so it decided to try and make one itself.

The all-day event, held on Dec. 8 at Facebook HQ, will let developers get hands-on experience with developing Facebook games with the Facebook team, who will share best practices with the developers. Facebook specifically mentions the Open Graph, which developers like Zynga have already taken part in with games like CastleVille. But hopefully some of the company's desire for variety in Facebook games will rub off on the bigger folks. (So, more games like this?)

At the end of the event, developers with the most impressive games will be rewarded with prizes, and the announcement specifically mentions that the games do not have to be made from scratch at the event. Those interested can register for the event right here, but Facebook asks for developers only. What we're more interested in is the potential long term results, anyway.

[Image Credit: Eva Meszaros]

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