Adventure World Radio Tower Expedition: Everything you need to know

Continuing in Adventure World's "Plane Crash" sub-story is another new Expedition that's now available in the game: Radio Tower. This Expedition sees a character named Ken giving you a tip that an old Radio Tower might be a good place to "scavenge some cargo." You'll be out to repair the Radio Tower, so that hopefully it can be used to prevent further plane crashes in the jungle in the future. You'll need 700 Supplies to access this Expedition, along with two each of Food, Fuel and Water. You'll have five days to finish this Expedition once you begin, so let's get started.

Gorilla Radio

  • Collect 6 Girders

  • Ask friends for 12 Vacuum Tubes

  • Repair the Radio Tower

All things considered, this map is a fairly small one, but there are ground-pounding Monkeys and Rams to worry about here. There's also a set of traps and plenty of debris blocking your path towards the Radio Tower in the center of the map, or to finding the Girders, which are scattered around the map. As for the Vacuum Tubes, you'll need to ask your friends to send them to you via individual requests.

Take the Tower Back

  • Place Relay Echo Foxtrot

  • Place Relay Kilo Bravo

  • Place Relay Oscar Zulu

This second goal is activated once you reach the center of the island and approach the actual Radio Tower. You're out to amplify it's power, so you'll need to go to three ends of the map (north, west and south) to place Relay Towers at the end of the rocky cliffs. There are Rams, traps and debris all along the way, so make sure you have plenty of energy before going in.

Rams on Parade

  • Place 3 Ram Baits

  • Defeat 3 Rams

Since Rams here have 12 hit points, you can easily spend three or four energy (or more) in simply defeating a single one. Ram Bait can be crafted inside Zoey's Tent back in Base Camp, so if you've yet to complete its construction, check out our guide to doing so.

Once you finish this straightforward Expedition, you'll apparently have secured a better means of communication between incoming aircraft and your Base Camp, so hopefully this will be the last plane crash we see in the game.

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Do you think this Radio Tower expedition will be challenging? Did you already complete the three other Expeditions in the Plane Crash storyline? Sound off in the comments.