FarmVille Winter Holiday Items: Holiday Bench, Snowy Mountain and more

With tonight's FarmVille update (the last one before Thanksgiving), we see even more items released in the Winter Holiday theme, for those users that would rather skip Turkey Day and head straight for Christmas. In this update, we see new trees, animals and decorations being available in the game's store, with most costing Farm Cash (I hope you've been saving up!). Here's a complete look at what's newly available:


Golden Holiday Tree - 6 Farm Cash
Big Golden Holiday Tree - 10 Farm Cash

If it needs to be said, the Big Golden Holiday Tree is a waste of 10 Farm Cash, as you'll be able to score numerous trees for free from Mystery Seedlings.


Santa Cow - 20 Farm Cash
Holiday Horse - 26 Farm Cash
Criollo Cow - 2 million coins
Ornament Sheep - 16 Farm Cash

This Ornament Sheep, rather than having a pattern on its wool that looks like ornaments, is actually designed so that the animal is the ornament. That is, an ornament hook is placed on its back, so it looks like an ornament you could pick up and place on your tree.


Holiday Cabin - 16 Farm Cash


Holiday Bench - 50,000 coins
Dancing Snow Lady - 20 Farm Cash
Snowy Mountain - 12 Farm Cash

Even though two of these decorations cost Farm Cash, which would technically make them the "better" items, I have to admit that the Holiday Bench is easily my favorite of the trio. It simply screams Christmas, and the snow accents will make it fit in perfectly with your farm's Christmas theme (assuming you're doing one, that is).

Avatar Costumes

Green Santa Girl - 5 Farm Cash

All of these items will be available in the game's store for the next two weeks, so if you've got some Farm Cash that's burning a hole in your proverbial pocket, feel free to grab some of these animals or decorations before they expire. Happy holidays!

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What do you think of tonight's set of Winter Holiday items? Sound off in the comments.