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PlayStation 3 is the system of choice right now, and it's easy to see why. If you want to play some of the most gorgeous games we've ever seen while getting a high-definition BluRay player, PS3 is your only option. Here we outline some of our favorites that should be on the top of your shopping list for the holidays, and be sure to scroll to the bottom to find some amazing Black Friday deals on the actual system.

Uncharted 3
If video games has an equivalent to Hollywood's "big summer blockbuster," Uncharted is it. The third adventure starring Nathan Drake has the same humor, romance and, oh yeah, the unbelievable action that we have come to expect from developer Naughty Dog.

The easiest way to describe Uncharted is as if Indiana Jones took place in present day, but with nonstop action as you travel the globe in search of ancient relics. The game's story is beautifully told, and while part two concentrated on a love story, this edition tackles the friendship between Nathan and longtime partner Sully that definitely tugs on some heart strings.

The main game has action set pieces that we have never seen before in any game. Wait until you get to a burning building that you have to escape from and look at how the wallpaper curls up as the room starts disintegrating all around you in a furious fire. The whole scene would be beautiful if it wasn't so terrifying, and that continues in parts of the game that take place underground, in secret cities, and even in a sinking ocean liner. Uncharted 3 takes you on a ride and does not let you go until the end.

And even at the end, you still have a multiplayer component that currently has tens of thousands of gamers online right now, playing a variety of different modes with each other. The more you play, the better your weapons and perks become, making Uncharted 3 the classic "just one more time" game that will keep you glued to your PS3 for a long time to come!

Saints Row 3
While Uncharted 3 may tell a tender story with subtle humor and a deft touch, Saints Row 3 wants to bust through your TV with a sledgehammer. Want to dress up like a crazed gorilla with huge fists that will make quick work of any foe? Sure. How about flying through the air while combating an airplane by flying through the airplane and taking out its criminal passengers in mid-air? Why not?!

Saints Row 3 just focuses on having fun, and while it may not be the classiest game (it definitely earns its Mature rating), it succeeds in being a blast. If you've ever played the Grand Theft Auto series, you have a good idea of what THQ is going for with one of the most impressive open world's we've seen in all of gaming.

The best thing about Saints Row 3, and potentially the most surprising thing, is that despite all its envelope-pushing, it is a great game! It doesn't just rely on shock value but puts together creative missions and even cool side quests (you can even become a real estate mogul) to make it one of the more robust games we've seen so far. It gets even better once you get together with a friend for cooperative missions, so if you're shopping for yourself this holiday season, you may want to consider another copy for your buddy to join in the crazy action.

Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One
The Ratchet and Clank series has a gameplay style that should be familiar to anyone who has ever played a 3D platformer, and its humorous attitude is how the series sets itself apart from the crowd. All 4 One is no different, as cutscenes throughout the game will keep the atmosphere light and funny, even with the multitude of explosions raining down around you.

The game has you and up to three other friends going through a variety of levels as you defeat enemies with tons of crazy weapons, collecting bolts (used to upgrade those weapons), and solving puzzles together. The cooperative play is the star of the show as players have to work together to progress through the game's different environments.

If you have a PlayStation 3 and some extra controllers, and if you've been looking for another good party game (Singstar and Dance Central are already tops in that category on the PS3), Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One is a welcome addition to keep the gaming going into the wee hours.

Another year, another version of FIFA, but that's just perfect for the millions of soccer fans who make up FIFA Nation. FIFA is consistently one of the best selling games on the entire planet, and it's easy to see why. Take the world's most popular sport and give it the works: include every big league and team you can think of, give it a broadcast-quality presentation, and keep the gameplay tight so it feels like you're running the pitch. FIFA 12 continues the tradition of great soccer gaming, and adds a few new moves to the mix.

If you're unfamiliar with the FIFA series, it's pretty simple to get started. Use your controller to pass, lob and through-pass (which means passing slightly ahead of the recipient) to get as close to goal before trying to shoot for the net. Sounds simple enough, but when you look at some of the more advanced techniques, you'll have a lot of weapons at your disposal.

While it's not the easiest game to get into if you're a rookie (the options are plentiful but could be daunting), FIFA 12 is without a doubt the best game of the series. Its already racking up record sales as football fans of all sizes get their kick on, and if you have even just a little bit of soccer in your heart, you have to pick up FIFA 12.

EyePet & Friends
EyePet is the virtual pet that uses the PlayStation Move and camera to bring little critters to life in your very own living room. Now, with EyePet & Friends, you can have two players play simultaneously with two EyePets in the same room. Now you can groom them, dress them up, and even have them compete in little mini games that take place right on your coffee table. A must-have for any household with kids that are animal-lovers.

Holiday PlayStation 3 Bundles
The bargain hunters over at CAG have put together this list of the best Black Friday deals that will get a PS3 bundle into your home at a low price.

- 160GB Holiday Bundle* $199.97 at Walmart - Thursday 10PM to Friday
- 160GB Holiday Bundle* $199.99 at Best Buy - Friday 12:01AM
- 160GB Holiday Bundle* $199.99 at Radio Shack - Friday 5:30AM & Saturday
- 160GB Holiday Bundle* $199 at Target - Friday 12:01AM & Saturday
- 160GB Holiday Bundle* $199.99at Meijer - Friday 4AM to 12PM
- 160GB Holiday Bundle* + Bonus Powered A Wired Controller $199.99 at Toys R Us - Thursday 9PM to Saturday 11PM
- 160GB Holiday Bundle* $199.99 at Kmart - Friday 5AM-11AM
- 160GB Entertainment Bundle (LittleBigPlanet 2 SE, Ratchet & Clank All 4 One + Blue Dualshock) $239.99 at Sam's Club - Friday 12:01AM & Saturday
- 160GB Holiday Bundle* at GameStop - Friday 12:01AM & Saturday
- 160GB Holiday Bundle* at Sears $199.99 - Friday 4AM to Saturday

* 160GB Holiday Bundle contains: LittleBigPlanet 2 SE, Ratchet & Clank All 4 One + 30 days PS+

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