Pioneer Trail Legend of the White Buffalo: Everything you need to know

As another way to celebrate Thanksgiving and the fall season in general in Pioneer Trail, Zynga has released the "Legend of the White Buffalo" event, that sees you once again growing your relationship with the Wikiwah Tribe. Laughing Bear has told you stories of a majestic White Buffalo that grants "prosperity to the pure of heart." That prosperity in this case is a boost that will allow you to move faster and doubles the amount of experience points you'll earn for a short time. Of course, you'll need to put forth some effort before simply receiving this reward, as you'll need to first create a shrine for the White Buffalo itself.

This White Buffalo Shrine requires six building materials to construct, as you can see below:

  • 10 Polished Stones
  • 10 Buffalo Hooves
  • 10 Poppy Flowers
  • 15 Spirit Woods
  • 15 Bison Horns
  • 15 Birchwood Charcoal

The Polished Stones, Poppy Flowers and Buffalo Hooves are earned through general news items posted on your wall, while the other three items are earned through individual gift requests sent to friends.

To go along with this new shrine are two goals, with one unlocking access to a new animal in the store.

Legend of the White Buffalo
  • Place White Buffalo Shrine
  • Harvest 40 Peas
  • Collect 10 White Buffalo Sightings

The White Buffalo Shrine itself costs a little over 1,000 coins and 20 wood to purchase from the store. It costs 35 Wood and 5 energy to complete its frame. As for the Peas, these take two full days to grow, if you don't use boosts to speed up the process. Finish this first goal and you'll receive 500 XP, 375 coins and four Plains Buffalo. Completing this goal also gives you access to purchasing more of these Buffalo from the store.

Legacy of the White Buffalo
  • Complete the White Buffalo Shrine
  • Tend 12 Adult Plains Buffalo
  • Collect 15 Spirit Lures

So long as you purchase enough Buffalo to give you at least 12 on your land at once, you'll be able to finish this goal with relative ease. It may be a time consuming one, but there doesn't appear to be any sort of in-game time limit rushing you to completion. Once you do finish this goal however, you'll see that your Buffalo Shrine has done its job, as you'll receive a Legendary White Buffalo, 500 coins and 750 XP.

Once you've completed both of these goals, and have fully built your White Buffalo Shrine, you'll be able to collect its Daily Bonus for access to this "gift of prosperity," offering faster in-game movement and increased experience points. It's a fairly simple feature, all things considered, so why not give it a shot?

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What do you think of this White Buffalo Shrine? Were you worried when you heard another White Buffalo was coming to the game, since the Injured Critters practically took over our homesteads? Sound off in the comments.
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