Turkeys go on Thanksgiving vacay in Island Paradise, or do they?

Joe Osborne
Island Paradise Hand Turkey
Island Paradise Hand Turkey

No, not really. (The poor saps.) Meteor Games has pushed a Thanksgiving update to Island Paradise, and while it looks like the bird most associated with food is finally getting a break, rewards like the "Turkey Oven" lead us to believe otherwise.

A new Turkey Day-themed mini game has arrived in Island Paradise, titled "Get Stuffed!" has 10 rewards for players to unlock. The mini game has players essentially switching five turkeys between "open wide" and "take cover" from delicious feed and stinky trash, respectively.

You have 60 seconds to gobble up as many good eats as possible, but accidentally munching on stinky foods leaves you with points lost. Reaching certain point milestones unlocks the 10 rewards, which include the both dreaded and delightful Turkey Oven, depending on which camp you sit in.

Players can also win a Wampanoag Log House, Thanksgiving campfire and a Mayflower for playing "Get Stuffed!" every 30 minutes. Of course, players can pay up in Facebook Credits to play again instantly. Meteor Games is also throwing its first-annual Cranberry Sauce Cook-Off a competition between players that runs from Nov. 23 through Nov. 25.

Island Paradise Get Stuffed
Island Paradise Get Stuffed

Other items featured in the game for our favorite day of food and football include a coconut tree that produces orange coconuts for new in-game recipes, a new themed cabin and a crepe turkey dish. (Now, that might be a Thanksgiving first.) Players can also give their Island Paradise avatars a hand turkey as a pet. Aw, it's just like we're in grade school again.

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