House of the Day: Golden Views From San Francisco Manse

There's no shortage of luxury homes heralded for their "uninterrupted vistas," "sweeping panoramas" or whatever other fancy phrase a home's Realtor cooks up to try and communicate that his listing has pretty surroundings.

It's not all bull honkie: Many of these homes do offer stunning views. But their beauty typically revolves around one scenic element -- say, mountains, coastline or pastures. Rarely, do they have multiple features that are each others' aesthetic equals.

That's what makes this well-appointed brick mansion in San Francisco's Presidio Heights special. Through its windows and expansive glass-walled deck, you can view the roller coaster hills of Fog City, the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco Bay and distant mountains -- the same landscape that the chimps and gorillas from "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" escaped to. The vistas, as diverse as they are, are truly "jaw-dropping."

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House of the Day: Golden Views From San Francisco Manse

Dating back to 1910, this courtly home brought to our attention by, hosts four floors that contain eight bedrooms, 6½ bathrooms and more than one family room. Among the home's lavish amenities: a media room, office, wine room, music room and three-car garage.

The property's Realtor, Kiesha Stephens, takes a no-spin approach in marketing the place, acknowledging on the listing that the home "is in need of work." In fact, the listing description is, overall, surprisingly low-key. It hardly plugs what some would call "mind-blowing uninterrupted vistas" or "jaw-dropping sweeping panoramas" of the place.

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