Frogger may be 30 years old, but he's leaping onto the iPhone for free

Frogger Free
Frogger Free

Look, for an amphibian that insists on leaping into oncoming traffic, Frogger is damn old. But Frogger turns 30 this year, and he's determined to ring in the milestone with a bang. Konami has released Frogger Free for iOS on the App Store, a Facebook-connected version of the classic (with three new modes, mind you) for the ultimate price of zero dollars and zero cents.

For ultimate nostalgia trip, players can enjoy Frogger in all its retro glory with multiple control styles including swipe, touch and tilt. Those control options extend into the game's three new gameplay modes: Turbo, Nighttime and Inferno. Turbo we imagine simply sends those cars and trucks into overdrive, while Nighttime seems to simply change the color scheme. Inferno, however, leaves a trail of flames in Frogger's wake that limits players' moves as they lead more frogs across the highway.

This version of Frogger features and Facebook Connect, meaning players can share their accomplishments with their friends across local, friendly and global leaderboards. The game also features 10 achievements for players to collect, but we all know none will be as prestigious as surpassing the ultimate high score: 896,980 points. This game follows Frogger's first original game on Facebook, Frogger Pinball. With two new, free ways to celebrate how Frogger's miraculous survival of 30 years of jay-hopping, you pretty much have no excuse.

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