FarmVille: English Countryside and Lighthouse Cove land expansions now available for coins

It's that time again farmers. Time for you to bug your friends (or even strangers) and ask them to help you out in FarmVille so that you can expand your land. Here, we see a new land expansion being released for coins in English Countryside, along with two new coin expansion options in Lighthouse Cove.

First, for the English Countryside expansion, you'll be able to expand to the "English County," 30x30 expansion for 5 million coins. Yes, that's 5 million, which just so happens to be the same price for the previous expansion, the 28x28 English Domain. I mention it because typically expansions become more expensive as we go along. So, technically we're receiving a break here. You'll need to have 30 surveyors to unlock the option to purchase for coins, so you'll need to ask current FarmVille neighbors to help you out until you reach that number.

As for the Lighthouse Cove, the two expansions are the 24x24 Beachfront Property and 26x26 Shoreline Acres. If you want to purchase them for Farm Cash, they're currently on sale for 60 and 70 Farm Cash, respectively, but you can now purchase each for coins - Beachfront Property costs 2 million coins, while Shoreline Acres costs 2.5 million coins. Remember, you'll need to unlock these coin options too, by simply adding new neighbors to your game. For my own game, I only have to add a single neighbor for Beachfront Property, but you may have to add more than that (or even none at all), depending on your current neighbor count.

There's not a time limit on when these coin options will go away, so feel free to save up coins if you don't have that much on hand right now (or, if you plan on saving those coins for the many decorative items that are sure to launch during the Winter Holiday season).

Will you expand your English Countryside and Lighthouse Cove farms to their current maximum coin sizes? Sound off in the comments.