FarmVille: Best Selling Boxes offer you trees, horses and gnomes in bulk

Are you a horse, tree or gnome collector in FarmVille that has lapsed on your collection recently? Are you disappointed that you missed out on some limited edition items because you didn't have Farm Cash at the time to purchase them? The folks at Zynga hope so, as they've released a series of new "Best Selling" box packages in the game's store, that will give you different groups of popular trees, horses or gnomes, depending on which items you'd like to purchase, and how much you'd like to spend. All of these boxes cost Farm Cash, but if you purchase them right now, you'll save on their prices. We're also here to give you a complete rundown of what these boxes contain, should you choose to purchase them.

10 Top Trees - 30 Farm Cash

  • Dogwood Tree

  • White Willow Tree

  • Ribbon Flower Tree

  • Damson Tree

  • Rowan Tree

  • English Elm Tree

  • Juniper Tree

  • Cherry Plum Tree

  • Chestnut Tree

  • Pink Hanging Flower Tree

5 Top Trees - 20 Farm Cash

  • Rainbow Tree

  • Pink Bubble Gum Tree

  • Confetti Tree

  • Chrome Apple Tree

  • Candy Apple Tree

3 Top Trees - 15 Farm Cash

  • Gem Tree

  • Pink Crystal Tree

  • Magic Peach Tree

10 Top Gnomes
- 90 Farm Cash

  • Fairy Gnome

  • Princess Gnome

  • Cupid Gnome

  • Eskimo Gnome

  • Prince Gnome

  • Werewolf Gnome

  • Knight Gnome

  • Master Gnome

  • Venus Gnome

  • Cowboy Gnome

5 Top Gnomes - 50 Farm Cash

  • Miss Swiss Gnome

  • Trawler Gnome

  • Surfer Gnome

  • Autumn Gnome

  • American Gnome

3 Top Gnomes - 33 Farm Cash

  • Mariachi Gnome

  • Black Knight Gnome

  • Piper Gnome

10 Top Horses - 140 Farm Cash

  • Clydesdale Stallion

  • Pegasus

  • Brown Gypsy Horse

  • Shire Horse

  • Valentine Mini Horse

  • Shetland Pony

  • Carnival Horse

  • White Thoroughbred

  • Purple Ponytail Horse

  • Royal Horse

5 Top Horses - 80 Farm Cash

  • Black Cherry Horse

  • Knight Steed

  • Fjord Horse

  • Shamrock Pony

  • Fairy Horse

3 Top Horses - 60 Farm Cash

  • Nightmare Stallion

  • Irish Cob Horse

  • Suffolk Punch Horse

Unfortunately, if you want to start an entirely new collection in the game, you'll need to purchase all three packages of each type, as items don't duplicate. These are nine entirely different sets of items, and while they may give you a break at their current sale prices, over what you'd pay for these items individually, it's still a really costly endeavor. Sure, it would be great if we could choose from individual trees, horses and gnomes in the store, but I suppose we really can't complain when this many previously retired items all come back at once. If you're at all interested in filling in those holes in your collections, do so fast, as these boxes will only be available in the game's store for the next nine days.

What do you think of these nine different packages? Do you collect gnomes, trees or horses in FarmVille? Do you think you'll purchase any of these kits? Which ones? Let us know in the comments.