CityVille: Expand your city into new land over the river

While land expansions may be a pretty expensive and time consuming project in CityVille, there are plenty of high-level users that have expanded as far as the game's map currently allows. If you fall into that group (or, even if you just want to plan ahead), you'll now be able to view an entirely new section of the map, on the right-hand side of the gameplay area and across the river.

Where the game screen used to simply end, no matter how hard you tried to "scroll" further to the right, you'll now see a massive forested area just waiting for you to expand into. There are no obstacles or landforms that block your progress, other than the expected trees. It's all flat land just waiting to be cleared and developed by you! Land space has always been an issue in the game, but hopefully with this release, the strain of storing so many buildings (and expanding your Neighborhoods or Malls in the first place) will be lessened for a time.

It should be noted that the land in this new map expansion is covered in more trees than the land to the left of the game's starting point, so you will have to waste more energy in simply clearing it out. Still, if your city's growth had been halted recently, you'll now have nothing stopping you from continuing to grow into an even bigger and better city!

Have you already filled the original map in the game, or will it take some time for you to ever expand into this new area? Sound off in the comments.