Adventure World: Play CastleVille for a free Sand Castle

Adding a bit of variety to the CastleVille cross-promotional train, we see Adventure World's prize requiring a bit more work from you to obtain. Where as previous cross-promotions between established Zynga games and the company's newest have only required us to go to Level 5 in the kingdom-building game, this Adventure World promotion requires us to get to Level 8 instead.

Sure, that's three more levels, but it shouldn't take you any more than one or two days to reach that point, if you play often enough. Once you reach Level 8 (or, if you've already reached that point before this promotion started), you'll be able to go back into your Base Camp in Adventure World to receive a free Sandcastle.

This Sandcastle serves as a decoration, but it also offers you 200 coins once per day if you remember to collect from it. If you're having any trouble reaching Level 8 in CastleVille, why not check out our handy tips to get ahead? It's likely that this promotion won't be around forever, so you'll want to make sure and claim your Sandcastle as soon as possible. Our tips will let you do just that!

Have you already reached Level 8 in CastleVille, or did you stop at Level 5 for promotions in other Zynga games? What do you think of this Sandcastle item? Sound off in the comments.