FarmVille Plush Ornaments now available in Best Buy stores

Over the past few weeks, we've brought you continued coverage over what could arguably be Zynga's large cross-promotion (in the real world specifically) in FarmVille to date. Where the 7-Eleven summer promotion of 2010 was limited to just locations that actually had 7-Eleven convenience stores, this newest Best Buy promotion for the Christmas holiday season is available to anyone with access to a nearby Best Buy location. Even if a Best Buy is unavailable, you can score these plush toys and gift cards online - it's a win-win!

If you head into your store this week, you'll see that the Plush Ornaments are now available to purchase. The in-store location will likely vary, but if all else fails, check the "novelty" section near the cash registers or just ask an employee for help. As of this writing, a single animal costs $9.99 if purchased separately, or, you can pay $25.99 for a $25 Zynga Game Card and an animal.

Regardless of how you get your hands on one of these plush ornaments, the process will remain the same for redeeming your gifts. First things first, you'll need to figure out which of the eight available animals you've won - this is done by simply opening the barn (if you want to keep it in one piece, "twist" the two sides until they separate) and then opening the foil package. For the sake of argument, my example a duck.

Also within this package is a tiny piece of paper, containing your code, redeemable online for 10 Farm Cash and a virtual version of the animal ornament you've received. To redeem your code, simply head to (or the game's basic Game Card page on Facebook) and enter this code as though you're entering a code from a Game Card. Upon entering the code, you can actually choose between 10 Farm Cash and 2,800 coins, but why you would turn down the free Farm Cash is beyond me. After making your choice, you'll receive the Farm Cash (or coins), your free virtual animal and even a Mystery Game Dart, with the latter two being found in your in-game inventory.

Note: If there happens to be a free item promotion for Farm Cash package purchases at the time you redeem your code, you'll also receive that free item.

It should also be noted that if you happen to receive a duplicate animal, or just don't like the animal you receive, you'll unfortunately be unable to return or exchange them at the store. This is likely due to the fact that both items (the Game Card and the Plush Ornament) contain one-time-use codes. If you do happen to receive an animal you don't want, feel free to trade them with friends until you've flushed out your entire collection of eight. Just remember that unless you redeem a code for all eight separate animals within the game, you won't receive the Super Orchard prize at the end.

If you're going to wait until Christmas to purchase these animals, the promotion will still technically be available, but there's no guarantee that your local stores will still have any in stock! My suggestion? Buy them now and save them for the end of December, just in case.

Have you already purchased any of these Plush Ornaments from the Best Buy promotion? Which animal(s) did you receive? Have you received any duplicates so far? Sound off in the comments.