FarmVille Pic of the Day: Sherry13's sweeping cliffsides farm vista

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This breathtaking FarmVille farm landscape belongs to Sherry13, who's calling it the "Farm with an island view." And it's truly the island that makes the farm, since closer inspection shows there's not much going on design-wise beyond the blue, hay bale river. But let's return to that island and the river around it -- look at how sheer and rocky it appears, and all thanks to huge stacks of some kind of arch, fence, gate, or wall.

FarmVille Mt Waterfall
FarmVille Mt Waterfall

My best guess is the Stone Wall from last year's New England event. But when you consider the fact that each wall costs 10,000 Coins and a lot of those are holding up those cliffsides, you can really appreciate how much was spent to build it. On top of that, there's also no real stacking in FarmVille, so what you see are items carefully placed one behind another.

The island's next major feature is the waterfall running into the river. The flow actually starts further inland than what you see, beginning with the aptly named, Limited Edition item, "Mt Waterfall" (pictured right). The waterway forks at the north corner of the island farm, where you've got a wintery setting, and a closer look will show an animated Kodiak Bear Fishing item tucked in there.

Adding to the illusory height of the island are several hot air balloons: Haiti "School of Choice" charity, Valentine's Day, and FarmVille's First Birthday. In addition, there's the Biplane and Duke's Airship from the English Countryside event.

What do you think those cliffs are made out of?
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