Adventure World Native Negotiations Expedition: Everything you need to know

Continuing our look at Expeditions in Adventure World's Plane Crash mini-series, we now see a group of tribal natives claiming some of the cargo from the downed plane in the Native Negotiations Expedition. Of course, you'll need to go get that cargo back, but you won't be able to earn the cargo without doing something in return for the tribe. First things first, you'll be able to access this new Expedition by having 700 Supplies, along with two each of Food, Fuel and Water. You'll have just five days to finish this particular Expedition, so let's get started.

Allen's Diplomacy Lesson

  • Give the Friendly Chief the Proper Gift

  • Convince the Friendly Warrior to give you the Little Gift

  • Convince the Friendly Mother to give you the Big Gift

  • Convince the Friendly Child to give you the Proper Gift

For this Expedition, the map is fairly small, but your tasks are not. The gifts are scattered around the map, and are color-coded, with one gift being appropriate for each villager. Three of the villagers are located in the village on the left side of the map (where you start), while the fourth villager is in the top half of the map, near the water on the left-side of this area. You'll need to talk to the appropriate villager before you'll have "permission" to interact with these gifts.

Garden of Eatin'

  • Ask friends for 10 Carrot Seeds

  • Plant 10 Carrot Seeds in Good Carrot Spots

  • Collect Melon Seeds from Wild Melon Vines

  • Plant 10 Melon Seeds in Good Melon Spots

You'll see small brown mounds of earth in rows around the map. Some of these areas are good for planting carrots, while others are great for planting Melon. You'll need to ask your friends to send you the carrot seeds, and can then plant them in mounds of earth that are specifically for carrots. Meanwhile, the Melon Vines are found on the right side of the map, over the bridge, and often surrounded by debris, traps or snakes. Once you collect 10 Melon Seeds, you'll need to head back across the bridge and plant them in Melon-specific earth mounds.

Serious Snake Situation

  • Defeat 7 Snakes

  • Defeat the Golden Serpent

  • Defeat the Melon-Eater Serpent

You'll likely defeat enough snakes for the first task when simply looking out for Melon Vines. However, the Golden Serpent is on the left side of this area, while the Melon-Eater Serpent is on the far right side. You may need to clear some debris or traps before you can go after them.

When you've completed this Expedition, you'll still need to complete one Expedition in the Plane Crash series - Radio Tower - and we'll bring you a complete guide to doing just that as soon as we can.

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While you're waiting for your energy to recharge, or friends to send you items in Adventure World, let us know what you think of this new Expedition in the comments.