The Sims Social Pic of the Day: Gujane's sky-scraping tree house

Jenny Ng

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Gujane's tree house monstrosity has been turning heads since it was shared on The Sims Social forums back in August. It's undergone three incarnations so far, where the original was so tall, the creator couldn't even squeeze a full-size view from his or her play screen. Gujane's sim lives in a tree house built on a 5x6 square tile of land. Among the things Gujane's managed to fit within that space is a sofa, a counter, four farming plots, a jacuzzi, the trash can, a computer, the fridge, a birdhouse, a guitar, a microwave, and a ridiculous amount of trees and tables piled straight to heaven. And just for laughs, all of this is topped by a black-seated toilet, perched like the Eye of Sauron.

Click the image to make it larger.

A modified version of this tree house has two columns of white tables, with the toilet on the right and a telescope on the left. Gujane's sim can actually use the telescope, as evidenced by the screenshot above. How did the sim even get up there? My guess is teleportation, which is something sims can do when you give them the Ninja Trait. As to the secret of Gujane's tree house (and all those spherical bushes floating in mid-air), the answer is stacking, and while it's not something the game is designed to let you do, anyone can learn to do it. We'll be having a guide on that quite soon.

Is Gujane's tree house a work of insanity or genius? Is this the dumbest or most awesome Sims Social house you've ever seen? Sound off in the comments.Add Comment