Pioneer Trail: Play CastleVille for a free Castle Supply Crate

As CastleVille continues to make the cross-promtional rounds through Zynga's catalog of current games on Facebook, we see it making a pit stop in Pioneer Trail. If you're a Pioneer Trail fan, you'll want to be on the lookout for the CastleVille bubble in the top right-hand corner of your Homestead screen, as you may never receive a in-game pop-up telling you this promotion is available. And you wouldn't want to miss out on free stuff, right?

Once you reach Level 5 in CastleVille (which can easily be done in a single day), you'll be able to head back into Pioneer Trail and track down the Castle Supply Crate in your inventory. Since the search function may or may not work in your own inventory (personally, it freezes my game at any attempt to type in the search bar), you're looking for a small brown and silver treasure chest, with a book, energy item and drink flask floating above it. Obviously, then, these small images give us a preview of what you'll find inside: a Seven-Course Feast (offering 62 Energy points), five Quick Draw Quaffs (perform five actions per click), and a Book of Experience (automatically boosts you to the next level with free experience points).

The Seven-Course Feast normally costs 600 Food in the store, while Quick Draw Quaffs require you to collect a ton of items to craft them within the Saloon. That being the case, these two items are pretty useful, especially if you've let your Homestead become a bit overrun with debris. The Quick Draw Quaffs will allow you to complete more tasks with each individual energy point, and the Feast will refill your energy when you finally do run out - how convenient!

There doesn't appear to be an exact expiration date for when this cross-promotion will end in Pioneer Trail, taking your chance at a free Supply Crate with it, so be sure to play CastleVille sooner, rather than later to score yours. Heck, even if you didn't play the game ever, you've earned enough free items in other Zynga games to make it worth it, right?

Have you already received your Castle Supply Crate in Pioneer Trail, or have you yet to try Zynga's newest Facebook game? Let us know in the comments.