Your mission, should you accept, is to play this branded Facebook game

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Mission: Impossible The Game on Facebook
Mission: Impossible The Game on Facebook

Hey, no one said you had to dig it. Paramount Pictures and New York-based Funtactix have launched Mission: Impossible The Game on Facebook to coincide with Mr. Cruise's fourth flick in the series, Ghost Protocol. The game puts players through the gauntlet of missions set to take down enemies of the IMF--the Impossible Missions Force, not the International Monetary Fund.

Players are sent on a series of eight missions through heavily-guided quests that tell them exactly what needs to be done. That amounts to clicking enemies to take them down, clicking items to search or hack them and--you guessed it--clicking things to add more gear to your home base. Mission: Impossible The Game will take players across the globe in over 200 missions, all accomplished through the almighty click.

"Mission: Impossible The Game goes well beyond a typical social game and brings an unprecedented level of detail and authenticity," Funtactix CEO Sam Glassenberg said in a release. "It allows fans of the action-packed Mission: Impossible movies to create an agent in the official M:I universe and live a life of espionage and covert operations with their real-life friends as accomplices."

Mission Impossible The Game
Mission Impossible The Game

However, it's not exactly what one would expect from a game revolving around explosions and espionage. At least there is something in it for you ... should you choose to accept it. (Sorry, it's just too easy.) In the coming weeks before the movie's Dec. 21 release date, Paramount Pictures will dole out prizes that Mission: Impossible fans can only get through the this game.

Want free tickets to see the Ghost Protocol US premiere, or a hometown screening for you and 30 friends? How do free tickets to the movie when it releases and signed memorabilia sound? Well, then you better stick with the game through Dec. 21. Hey, it's not like clicking things around is hard labor--just don't expect giant explosions or epic chase scenes with doves.

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