FarmVille Mystery Game (11/20/11): Thanksgiving animals and decorations celebrate Turkey Day

Another Sunday evening means another switch in the lineup of items available to win in FarmVille's Mystery Game. This week, Thanksgiving themed items take over the game, with decorations and animals being available to win. And when I say animals, I mainly mean animals dressed as Pilgrims and Native Americans - what else?

This week's Mystery Game costs 16 Farm Cash for a single dart, and for that price you'll have a chance of winning one of six prizes. Here's the rundown:

Chieftain Dog
Maple Pegasus
Pilgrim Cat
Pilgrim Turkey
Thanksgiving Cottage
Turkey Float

As usual, if you spend enough Farm Cash and pop enough balloons to end up with at least one of each of the six items above, you'll win a special, exclusive seventh prize for free: the Fall Leaves Bridge. Just keep in mind that winning all six of the original items could be an incredibly expensive experience, as you'll likely wind up with duplicates of some items (unless you're extremely lucky). If so, can you spread a little of that luck this way? Please!?

As usual, you'll have just a week to win these Thanksgiving-themed items in the Mystery Game, which is a good thing too, as it looks like Winter and Christmas will be taking over the farm very quickly.

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What do you think of this week's Mystery Game prizes? Which ones are you hoping to win? Which ones did you actually end up with? Sound off in the comments.