FarmVille Sneak Peek: Free gifts from ice blocks in Winter Wonderland

As more and more details are discovered about FarmVille's upcoming Christmas-themed farm called the Winter Wonderland, this particular farmer gets more and more excited. Forgive me, then, as I gush over what will likely be a pretty exciting new feature in this fourth farm. As discovered by the folks at FVNation, we'll come across four different kinds of presents, all trapped within blocks of ice and snow.

The four sizes (small, medium, large and extra large) apparently represent different groups of potential prizes, and you'll need to ask your friends for items in helping you to retrieve them. How do you get rid of ice in a snow-covered, freezing land? You take a blow dryer to it, of course! This will work on just two of the sizes of ice blocks, while a more conventional tool - the Pick Axe - will be used on the other two kinds of ice blocks.

According to pre-release details, it looks like the larger the ice block itself, the better the potential prize inside, although we're still unclear on exactly what those prizes will be. Could we be looking at new animals, trees or decorations? Or, will these items be functional and come in the form of Farmhands, Fertilize Alls or Animal Feed? I hope my excitement isn't misplaced, but it really does seem like we're in for a treat when the Winter Wonderland farm opens up. And remember, just as soon as we find out what's inside these blocks of ice, we'll let you know.

[Bottom Image Credit: FVNation]

While we're waiting for this newest farm to launch, why not help us speculate as to what prizes could be inside these ice blocks? Do you think they will be exclusive, decorative items that are only available throughout Winter Wonderland, or will they be more basic, functional items that we may already have some of? Sound off in the comments.