FarmVille Raffle Booth (11/20/11): Unwither and Orchards up for grabs

This week's roundup of prizes in FarmVille's Raffle Booth pulls no punches - it's simply a set of helpful, functional items for your farm that will help you either master some trees, unwither some crops, or earn some bonus experience points by simply playing the game. And watch out - one of the three "lesser prizes" has changed this week.

As usual, you'll be able to play the Raffle Booth for free, giving you a chance at one of the following five items (we've listed your odds of winning them for your reference):

10 Special Delivery Boxes - 1:5
3 Fertilize Alls - 1:20
5 Love Potions - 1:50
3 Unwithers - 1:200
1 Fully Built Orchard 1:500

This Orchard is a standard one, allowing you to just store 20 trees. It will be ready to harvest once every two days, unlike the better Super Orchards that cost Farm Cash and can be harvested daily. Sure, I wish that we were being given a chance at Super Orchards, but that's apparently too great of a prize. As it stands, the Unwithers look to be the best prize here, in my somewhat humble opinion, as unwithering crops costs Farm Cash otherwise, and at least you can build an Orchard for 1,000 coins and free building materials, if you felt so inclined.

Either way, your method for earning Raffle Tickets remains the same: you'll be given one for free at the start of this week's drawing, and will then be able to earn plenty more for free by asking your friends to send them to you. Just remember to "Use them" out of your Gift Box as you start to earn them. The tickets won't allow you to win if you don't actually place them in the booth! Here's wishing good luck to both you and I, that we walk away with this week's biggest prizes!

Are you excited to see these functional items being given away in the FarmVille Raffle Booth this week, or do you enjoy it more when the prizes are exclusive (or at least formerly retired) decorations or animals? Sound off in the comments.